Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions (PDF)

How to sign up to a pilgrimage tour?

1. On the page of the given pilgrimage, click on Sign Up and fill and send the form.
The form is for one person. If you come more, please fill it for each of you separately.

In two days, you get an e-mail from us confirming you application. It will contain a contract with your details and a request to transfer a deposit to the bank account of Pannon Pilgrim.

2. Please, send us an e-mail accepting the contract, and transfer the deposit.
The travel contract comes into force when the deposit sum arrives to our bank account.
In two days, you will get another e-mail from us confirming the arrival of the deposit.

3. Until the deadline specified in the travel contract, please transfer the rest of the participation fee, which we will confirm again.

Informations about the contractual agreement:

1. Our agreement is considered a written one even if the parties make their contractual legal statements via e-mail.

2. The personalised agreement is preserved by the tour operator and can be provided to the traveler any time if necessary.
3. In case you made a mistake while providing any of your personal data during the completion of the online application form, and we have completed the personalised agreement offer on the basis of these data, you can correct the contract by informing us of the accurate information and we will make a new agreement offer based on the correct data this time around.

4. The language of the agreement will be English.


Payment and Cancellation Policy:

Payment policy:

When applying, you have to pay 40% of the participation fee of the trip in advance. The remaining participation fee is to be paid until the 30th day preceding the beginning of the trip.

In case the application occurs within 30 day preceding the beginning of the trip, the total participation fee is to be paid in one sum.

The fee/advance payment can be paid by bank transfer to the following bank account of the tour operator:

Bank account number: 12021006 – 01546090 – 00100000

International bank account IBAN number: HU20 1202 1006 0154 6090 0010 0000

Bank account management: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.


The name of the owner of the account: Pannon Pilgrim Kft.

Conditions of Cancellation:

The traveler may cancel their order any time before the trip (they may withdraw from the travel agreement). The cancellation that is done 60 days or more before the start of the trip is free. If the traveler cancels their participation within the 60 days period prior to the start of the trip then they are obliged to pay the following penalty:

In case the cancellation is done within 60-35 days, it is 10% of the participation fee

In the case when cancellation is done within 34-21 days before, 50% of the participation fee has to be paid.

In case the cancellation is done within 20-10 days before, 80% of the participation fee has to be paid.

In case the cancellation is done within 9 days before, and in case of no show, 100% of the participation fee has to be paid.

The tour operator can also cancel the travel contract 20 days or more before the start of the trip especially when the number of applicants does not reach the lowest number of participants announced on the website.

Welcome to the pilgrimage!

Terms & conditions (PDF)