Day: April 1, 2016

Mary's Way marking

Saint Mary’s Way

Travelling was not unkown to Mary, nor was contemplation. Following the Annunciation, she sets out to meet with her elder relative in Hebron, Elizabeth. As a result of obeying the compulsory census, her husband Joseph and she go to Betlehem where she gives birth to Jesus Christ. Then, escaping the rage of Herod, they move […]

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Pilgrimage routes in Hungary

  Many Hungarian pilgrims arrived to the most significant pilgrimage sites of Christian civilization (Rome, Jerusalem, Aachen, Compostela) already in the Middle Ages, and the Hungarian Monarchy ensured the safety of the land trip of the crusaders and other pilgrims to the Holy Land in its territory. After severalcentries, walking pilgrimages have been becoming popular in Hungary again: […]

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