About us

Visit Hungary as a pilgrim

Our mission is…

…to help our pilgrims to get spiritual experiences in undiscovered rural Central Europe, which will accompany them in their whole life.

Our activities

We would like to facilitate to take part in Central European pilgrimages.

We would like to share all experience a pilgrimage can offer with the most people possible. We consider the natural and cultural diversity and rich historic past of Hungary and Central Europe an excellent opportunity to create pilgrimage experiences.

We believe that in our small groups you will get the care that will help you to get the perfect pilgrim experience.We would lik to show the less-known, hidden pilgrims’ ways which offer a possibility of immersion and contemplation to those who want to escape the beaten tracks and prefer something calmer, something more unusual, something Central European.

Who we are

Szidónia Bodó-Csernovics

(responsible for professional activities)

SzidóniaAs for profession, I am a tour organiser. I like nature and when I contemplate it I admire the greatness of its Creator. I like to travel as well for the mere beauty of the nature, its particular formations, details, plants and animals be it flying among birds (with a paraglider or an airplane), sailing in the midst of the sea watching the endless horizon, hiking in the woods (never without geocaching), cycling along river Bodrog, walking on an educational trail or an exciting but peaceful birdwatching occasion. Even the observation of a small bird can teach us much wisdom: its colours or it intelligence are magnificient.

This is a wonderful world. During our pilgrimages, you will have the opportunity to immerse into it: have silence and time to think and to hear sounds and voices we rarely hear may it come from our deepest mind or from our Creator. Stepping out of our everyday life may have several benefits, for our body and for our soul as well.

I wish you an enriching pilgrimage experience with some verses of a nice song:

“Just be in the blessed silence for a while. You will find the tranquillity in yourself.”

Balázs Ullrich

(founder, managing director)

profilképI have always liked excursions and hikes: in the beginning they were one-day-tours with my parents and siblings, later 3 or 4 day long excursion with my school class, even later it was me to organise them with my friends in Hungary and abroad. Now, as a secondary school teacher, again, I organise shorter and longer tours for my students.

In 2006 I completed the Camino, which had a huge impact on my physical strength, spirituality and cultural interests. I learnt a lot about the history and culture of another country. I experienced the hospitality of unknown people and unknown fellow pilgrims and, at the same time, I formed as well and became more sensitive to the uncountable beauties, secrets and miracles of the way.

In 2012 I completed the Portuguese way from Porto to Compostela with my wife and in the next year we walked the pilgrim ways in Hungary and discovered the local values and facilities. The desire to go on a pilgrimage is a small flame in us, glowing sometimes more, sometimes less but constantly.

Attila Hernády


AttilaI love Hungary and I love wandering, admiring the country’s beautiful natural landscape, exploring its cultural heritage, diverse architecture.

I love welcoming guests and guiding him/her around my city, my country, showing him/her the pearls of my city, my country.

Since the age of 15, during holiday time I have systematically explored Hungary, all its towns, regions and hills and mountains, so I know quite a lot of it, and there is no place for me where I can be lost.

I would really like to invite you to Hungary to participate our routes on which you not only have a glance of Hungarian culture, but also have a possibility for retreat, recollection.

Gábor Babos


Gábor with his youngest childFor centuries, traveling has always been regarded as not only a leisure activity but also a learning opportunity. I also like to travel not just for fun but also because I can learn and grow, get familiar with previously unknown realities.

During my university years, I spent several months in Germany and Italy, then, as an official of the European Commission, I lived with my family more than five years in Luxembourg.

As a keen Scout leader, I love to be in the nature, which is a key ingredient of our pilgrimages.

Now I would like turn it around and, after seeing several countries and cultures, I would like to show my country to you offering not only beautiful landscapes, great monuments and pleasant accommodation but also an inner journey, a journey to yourself and, possibly, to God.

I have four children, which gives a lot of fun and joy, and teaches to appreciate the sound of silence too, for example during a pilgrimage.

Our name and logo


Pannon Pilgrim, or just PP. Back in 2006 on the Camino in Spain, Balázs helped sometimes a fellow pilgrim, the Argentine Omar, who in turn began to call him “PP”, professional pilgrim. Though at that time it was meant a simple joke, it might have contributed to our name as well.

A bit more seriously, Pannon refers to the ancient Roman province Pannonia formerly on the place of the Western part of current Hungary (Transdanubia). And Pilgrim is, well, pilgrim.


Aspects of our logoIt refers both to our name and to the curving path of a pilgrims’ way which is not only a physical trail but also a spiritual one which touches again and again and puts always new questions. And, if you already walked on a pilgrims’ way you will know that this road has no ending. It continues in our lives, in our profession, in our relationships. This continuity is referred to in the logo as well which can be seen also as an infinity symbol.

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