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Saint Martin of Tours (316-397 AD), bishop of Tours (now in France), born in Savaria (now Szombathely, Hungary).

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231), born in Hungary, landgrave in Thuringia (Germany), a symbol of Christian charity, one of the most popular saints of the middle ages.

Saint Mary, mother of Jesus, patron of Hungary. The traditional East-West axis of Mary’s Way

Mary’s Way in the Balaton-Uplands

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All our pilgrimage tours are organised to groups of fellow pilgrims.

However, if you would like to walk / cycle on a pilgrimage on your own, in the form of a self-guided tour, please fill following form: Form ID: 3122 Not Found

If you are looking for high, steep, rocky mountains with snow on their top even in the summer, you aren’t on the right place: Hungary is flat. Not as flat as for example the Netherlands but Hungarian mountains are rather gentle hills. They are absolutely safe and very suitable for pleasant daily walks where you can retire even during walking and you will not be extremely exhausted in the evening. We categorised our pilgrimages in class 1 and 2 on a 1-5 classification.

Class 1 – almost flat

Class 2 – hilly