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Elizabeth Báthory – Vampire Lady of Hungary

You must have heard of Dracula, but have you ever heard of Elizabeth Báthory? She also was a countess as Dracula (his official name: Vlad Ţepeş) was a count, both of them lived in the Kingdom of Hungary, but these were not the only similarities between them. According to the legend, Elizabeth Báthory used to

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Gold production in Telkibánya Hungary

Nowadays Hungary is not among the world’s dominant gold producer, but in the middle ages the situation was quite different. That time Hungary was responsible for 25% of the gold and 20% of the silver production of the whole world. The data is even more expressing if we focus on Europe only: the 80% of

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Hiking trail marks in Hungary

The first marked hiking trail in Hungary was inaugurated in 1888 in Northern Hungary. Since then a dense network of hiking paths has been set up all over the country. The total length of the Hungarian hiking trails is almost 25.000 km. These hiking trails are marked with a combination of a colour and a

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Saint Elizabeth’s Way

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary was born in 1207 in Sárospatak as the third child of Andrew II King of Hungary. She ended up in Thuringia when she was only four years old, where she married Louis Marquis ten years later. Their love was mutual and passionate during their brief, six-year-long marriage and, thanks to this,

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King Saint Stephen and the pilgrims

Today, 20 August is the day of Saint Stephen, the first King of Hungary (died in 1038). He founded the Kingdom of Hungary, which meant a lot of work and organisation: laws, counties, dioceses were set up in some decades from scratch. Pilgrims’s hospice in Rome For us now he is interesting because he had

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Treasure in the well

  There is an ancient abbey going back to the middle ages, there is a cloister in it with a well in the middle, going also back to hundreds of year with dozens of generations of Benedictine monks and a bit of secrecy… What is in the well? Is it just water? Well, we always

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Amber Road

The Amber Road was an ancient trade route for the transfer of amber from coastal areas of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean. A section of it crossed the territory of current Hungary at the time of the Roman Empire the Province of Pannonia.     Here you can find a reconstructed

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Saint Mary’s Way

Travelling was not unkown to Mary, nor was contemplation. Following the Annunciation, she sets out to meet with her elder relative in Hebron, Elizabeth. As a result of obeying the compulsory census, her husband Joseph and she go to Betlehem where she gives birth to Jesus Christ. Then, escaping the rage of Herod, they move

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Saint Martin Way

Martin was born around 316 in one of the cities of the Roman Empire: the Pannonian Savaria. Following his father’s profession and encouragement, he becomes a legionnaire of the Roman army at the age of 15. He is serving in Galicia when he meets a shivering beggar on a cold day. As an act of

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